Summers in Portland, Oregon can be a frustratingly hot time of year. Since it can rain quite randomly here, you may not want to install a window based air conditioning unit. Window based units can also be a security risk for your home. Installing a ventilation system into your home may not be a great option either. Besides being very costly to install, you may live in a home that is so old it can be considered historic. It would be a shame to remodel such a relic just to install a system for your comfort.

Luckily there is an alternative for air conditioning systems that doesn’t require remodeling or creating a weak spot in your home’s security. Outdoor units are available and feed cold air into refrigerant lines which carry the air into your home. The air then comes out of fixtures that are installed inside, and can be put on your walls or ceiling. The lines that carry the air fit into your home through a tiny hole which eliminates the need for an elaborate ventilation system in your walls. If you feel the need, there are units available to provide both air conditioning and heat into your home.

When you want to get an air conditioning system installed for the summer, make sure to call someone experienced with Air Conditioner Installation in Portland, Oregon. An experienced installer will find the best places for equipment and install it all correctly.

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