As we rely more on technology for our safety and comfort, reliable power becomes increasingly important.  We often take it for granted–until an outage leaves us in the dark, that is.  These outages can last for hours, depriving us of heat and light, but during especially volatile storms and emergency situations they can last much, much longer. During these times, what might have been an inconvenience turns into a serious problem.

Fortunately, this uncomfortable (and unsafe) situation can be easily avoided with Rheem’s Home Generator Systems.  Permanently installed and fully automatic, Rheem offers a full range of gas-fired Generators to ensure that you are never without power.

How does it work?

Advanced electronics within Rheem’s Home Generator System constantly monitor your home’s connection to your local utility power.  The instant that power is interrupted, Rheem’s generator takes over. Running off of clean NG or LP gas, Rheem’s Home Generator Systems offer a safe, reliable way to keep power running to your home at all times.