Milwaukie HVAC Repair - Milwaukie HVAC InstallationBeing centrally located within the city of Milwaukie, we are determined to provide our neighbors with the best possible heating and cooling services available. We understand the importance of serving our community and treating our neighborhood with respect.

Milwaukie HVAC Installation & HVAC Repair

One heating and cooling problem we run into on a regular basis is the failure of your thermostat controls. The thermostat is often overlooked as a source of problems and most homeowners don’t usually think to update them until they break and start to fail. A broken thermostat can cause a lot of problems. It can cause your system to continuously run, costing your lots of money. Or it can cause it to not work at all, making you freeze in the winter or boil in the summer. At Ultimate Comfort, we’re happy to offer the highest quality thermostat products to keep your HVAC system running at its optimum performance.

Milwaukie Heating & Cooling Services

  • Residential HVAC – We offer complete service for residential heating and cooling systems including repairs, maintenance and installation.
  • Commercial HVAC – Our technicians are experts at servicing commercial heating and cooling systems.  We offer repairs and installation services.
  • Mini Split Systems – We offer both ductless and ducted mini split systems and provide servicing options for both.
  • Ductwork – Our expert technicians are educated on all things related to ductwork.  We offer full repairs, sealing and installation services for your duct system.
  • Indoor Air Quality Products – You’re home air quality is important and should be as clean as possible.  We have the best products available for filtering your air and we will install them as well.
  • Water Heaters – We offer installation and repairs for standard water heaters and tankless systems.

We have a team of trained and highly experienced technicians to help get your thermostat fixed or replaced in order to get your system up and running again. We can help you choose the best thermostat for your home. With many new thermostats on the market, including new touchscreen models, it’s easy to set your thermostat on a schedule and control it with ease. Let Ultimate Comfort help you with an upgrade of your thermostat today.

We offer complete Milwaukie HVAC Repair & HVAC installation services along with Water Heater and Generator installation & repair services.  For more information, contact Ultimate Comfort today.