At Ultimate Comfort, we are committed to providing our customers throughout the Portland metro area with outstanding heating and cooling services. We specialize in Portland HVAC installation and repair, furnace repair and much more. We carry Energy Star-certified products that are extremely efficient, and we have the experience and skill to install any heating or cooling system. If you want year-round heating and cooling comfort that you know you can depend on, give Ultimate Comfort a call and we will evaluate your home or business to determine which HVAC system will work best for you.

One thing that we specialize in here at Ultimate Comfort is the installation of ductless and ducted mini split heating and cooling systems. Ductless mini split systems are a great option for homes that don’t have air ducts. They consist of two parts; the outdoor heat pump and the indoor air handlers. The heat pump is connected to the indoor air handler with small copper pipes. Ductless systems are extremely efficient, and can provide heating or cooling for different zones of your home. If you have an air handler for each room in your home, you can turn off heating or cooling in rooms that don’t need it, saving energy and money. We will carefully evaluate your home to determine the best places to install air handlers. We are very precise when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency, so your new HVAC system will save you a bundle on your utility bills. Not all mini split systems are ductless, of course. We are also very proficient when it comes to installing ducted systems in homes and businesses. A ducted mini split system won’t be quite as efficient as a ductless system because it takes energy to push air through the ducts. However, you also won’t have air handlers visible on your walls or ceiling. With a ducted system, hot and cool air can be cycled through your home through discreet vents and air grilles. Whether you just want an efficient air conditioner, or if you want a heating and air conditioning mini split system, we have the expertise to install it in your home or business.

Portland Heating and Cooling

At Ultimate Comfort, we proudly serve the entire Portland metro area. Our Portland heating and cooling service can’t be beat, and our customer service is sure to exceed your expectations. Contact us today if you have questions or if you would like us to evaluate your home’s heating and cooling needs.