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A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial HVAC System Selection

For Portland, OR business owners, selecting the right commercial HVAC system is not just about comfort—it’s a strategic investment in your property’s value and operational efficiency. This guide provides an in-depth look at choosing the best HVAC system to meet the unique needs of your commercial building. Understanding Commercial HVAC Systems Types of Commercial HVAC […]

All About Volatile Organic Compounds and Their Impact on Indoor Air Quality

In Portland, OR, where the emphasis on health and environmental awareness is paramount, understanding the impact of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on indoor air quality is crucial for both home and business owners. This comprehensive guide will explore VOCs and their significant effects on our living and working environments. Understanding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) What […]

The Perfect Fit: How to Calculate the Correct Furnace Size For Your Home

For homeowners and business owners in Portland, OR, selecting the right furnace size is crucial for comfort, efficiency, and energy savings. This guide will walk you through calculating the perfect furnace size for your home, ensuring warmth throughout the chilly seasons without overspending on energy bills. Understanding Furnace Sizing Before diving into calculations, it’s essential […]

Everything You Need To Know About Residential Water Heaters

In Portland, OR, where the weather can swing from crisp, cold winters to warm summers, having a reliable water heater is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Home and business owners alike understand the importance of a dependable water heater for comfort, hygiene, and daily convenience. This guide will navigate you through everything you need […]

5 Ways to Achieve a More Energy-Efficient HVAC System

75% of Americans worry about their ability to pay their utility or electricity bills. 51% are shopping less to budget for it, and 25% got a second job. These aren’t the only ways to reduce your bills. A few simple tips will cut down your heating and cooling costs. Read on for five ways to have […]

What Is the Cheapest Way to Heat a Home?

Are you tired of cranking up the thermostat only to see your energy bills skyrocket during the colder months? If you’re looking for economical ways to keep your home warm without burning a hole in your pocket, you’ve come to the right place.  If you live in the Oregon and Washington areas, you know that […]

How to Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

Every year more homes are becoming “smart” and eco-friendly. In fact, last year, there was a 14% increase in homes with energy-efficient HVAC systems.  When you first invested in your HVAC system, it was likely very efficient and worked perfectly. However, as time passes and you use your heating and cooling, the unit starts to become less […]

4 Types of Heating Systems to Consider for Your Home

According to new market insights, over 55% of new U.S. homes are gas-heated. Heating systems are crucial in maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment, especially during colder months. While gas is the most popular choice, it may not be the right type for your home. In this article, we will delve into 4 types of heating systems, explaining […]

5 Common Furnace Problems to Look Out For

It’s chilling to know that the coldest temperature in Oregon was -54 degrees. Even though most people don’t have to face those extreme temperatures, winters can still be uncomfortable. We all deserve a powerful furnace. What are some of the most common furnace problems that could sabotage your winter? Read on so you can stay warm and cozy. 1. Dirty […]

4 Telltale Signs of a Broken Furnace

According to the BLS, the average US household spends $2,335 on home maintenance per year. When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and safe home, understanding the signs of a broken furnace is crucial. A malfunctioning furnace not only compromises your comfort but can also pose serious safety risks. This guide highlights four key indicators that your […]